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Advanced Non-destructive Testing

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Applus RTD has been developing innovating techniques for over 75 years in order to provide our clients with the best possible solution for their challenges in NDT, Inspection and Certification. To provide the best possible services and technologies we have an in-house Research & Development department, where we also develop our own ultrasonic probes.
Our advanced services are developed with a focus on providing the most efficient and accurate inspection for your assets and facilities. This means that we can also use these advanced technologies to inspect our assets on stream, so they can remain in service. In some cases the technologies can even test your assets without removing insulation or coating.
Off course, safety is a main concern for us as well. Some of our advanced techniques are developed to minimalize the use of radiation, or even replace radiography completely by ultrasonic methods.
Accessing certain assets may be a challenge as well. Some of our techniques mentioned below are developed specifically to remove the need of scaffolding, which is not only a safer way of inspection but can also reduce costs greatly.
Our advanced services and techniques, for the large part developed in-house, always present you with the best possible solution to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your assets. These methods always give you a clear insight in the integrity of your assets, and at the same time realize savings on the Total Cost of Ownership.


Applus+ acquires Caparo Technologies Testing NDT UK business

Applus+ strengthens its presence in the aerospace sector: acquires Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) business of Caparo Technologies Testing in the UK. This acquisition complements the one realized at the beginning of the year in this segment of activity in the USA and Canada. It continues to expand Applus+’s Non-Destructive Testing services beyond the Oil & Gas sector.

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Meeting challenges through innovative solutions

This book looks back on what we have achieved with everyone over the years through teamwork and commitment. Our history of the developments has been fascinating and still we are continuously exploring new technologies to find the best solutions for our clients in the energy sector.

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